"I am bouncing back from pretty significant foot surgeries in 2012 & 2013 (both my feet are fused). My poor balance and lack of ankle flexibility have kept me from getting out and walking, not to mentionany kind if hiking. I finally decided to try hiking poles and these are FABULOUS! They are sturdy, adjustable in length & in the hand straps, and they are comfortable to hold on to. Most importantly, they give me the extra stability I need to get me out and enjoying nature again! I got the sky blue ones so they are easy to spot if dropped but, thanks to the straps, you have to intentionally put them down. Dropping them is not an option! They are also pretty and I like that! Thank you Gold Armour for giving me back something I love to do!!! "
-- By Susie on September 2, 2021 --

"This is so perfect! I love the colors (I got the purple and orange one), the fabric is strong and dries quickly after the rain, and it's easy to hang. I love that the pouch you store it in stays attached and you can use it as a pocket for snacks or bug spray. Don't hesitate, buy yourself one!"
-- By Amanda R White on August 29, 2021 --

"Bought a set for myself of the different color set. My friend loved them so I bought a this set of all black for him. He absolutely loves them. They are so bright. We have them stashed back for emergencies or blackouts. Nice to know we both have something to keep us from being in the dark if SHTF! "
-- By Sheri E. on August 28, 2021 --

"It is one of the best tarps I own and I have three of them I own 7 tarps but theys r my go too every time "
-- By Steven on August 27, 2021 --

"Inexpensive, easy to use and decent light output, used two in a large tent and it was very bright, could have only used one and it would have been enough "
-- By mike mac laren on August 10, 2021 --

"I am very happy with the Gold Armour Telescoping Tarp Pole package. I used got a chance to use these camping. Put up a Kelty shade tarp and these tarp poles held up very nicely. We dug a little hole a couple inches deep for each pole to prevent them from sliding.. Used two guy lines on each and voila! It held the tarp up very well the entire 3 days and two nights we had it up. Moreover it got windy a few times. I didn't check the official wind speed but it was strong enough wind I felt our rainfly for our tent was going to fly off. In the morning after that very windy night I was surprised the tarp poles were still standing, holding the tarp up perfectly!"
-- By izzy & jojo on August 5, 2021 --

"Just what I needed for an emergency. Very, very bright. "
-- By Captain Paul S. Titus on July 31, 2021 --

"Couldn't find a footprint for my Klymit cross canyon 2 tent and this one was pretty darn similar in the dimension/shape. almost like it was from the factory for my tent. Super lightweight, very versatile, and at a great price. "
-- By Alejandro Sierra on July 7, 2021 --

"Lanterns performed as expected and have withstood use for several years. "
-- By Matt Zook on July 5, 2021 --

" I wasn't expecting much from this tarp but it is a really quality product. 100% waterproof and easy to use. "
-- By Molly R on May 10, 2021 --

"This is so nice. Comes in nice box and is good quality 👍. Thanks."
-- By Mostly happy customer on May 16, 2021 --

"Love this lantern. My grandson & I will use it often when we camp "
-- By James Fred Vanhook on May 4, 2021 --

"Well made great tarp. I have the 10x10ft and use it hammock camping, Bought another one and use it attached to my Jeep JKU....awesome! "
-- By Sage Rider on February 25, 2021 --

" Worked great to keep rain off tent, strong and light. Plenty of tie off options. Awesome product. "
-- By Chuck on February 22, 2021 --

"I LOVE THESE. I was trying to find a decent tumbler for my 3, 5, and 7 yr old kiddos, and one that didn't cost a fortune, have a million parts, didn't leak, was easy for them to use, and had a straw and sip option. THESE ARE AWESOME for that!! Plus, they all were able to find a color/style they each liked. GREAT way to increase water intake (it's fun to use them!) during the day without it being spilled all over the house! So far, we've only used them for cold drinks, but it keeps the ice water very cold and ice takes a long time to melt! For our purposes, we aren't nearly as worried about insulation as we are function, but this fits the bill on both! Highly recommend. "
-- By MNee on January 13, 2021 --

"Absolutely LOVE this water bottle! Water stays ICE cold for HOURS!! "
-- By Rikki on January 11, 2021 --

"Definitely keeps my water cold all day long "
-- By Aisha on January 1, 2021 --

"I absolutely love this water bottle I use it almost EVERYDAY the wooden design is absolutely pretty and and almost scuffproof ( in my opinion) and I love the different bottle heads. "
-- By Diamond on December 11, 2020 --

"The straw for the straw lid is a little long but overall a solid little bottle! I got the 32 oz and it keeps my water cold for several hours. I drink probably 2.5-3 of these a day so I can’t give you an accurate length of time for how long it stays cold. BUT it has kept cold overnight! "
-- By Kristen T. on December 5, 2020 --

"Love this product, always keeps my water nice an cold throughout 14hrs days. Outstanding!"
-- By Candice&Mileyda on September 3, 2020 --

"The product is perfect with options for how it's used. Sturdy and I expect it to last a long time. For me; just as important, is that it's a family business that has a mission to give back by using profits to plant trees and support those who need it. I will support this brand. "
-- By Mcglinnen on August 15, 2020 --

"I just received this water bottle and I am so happy with my choice! Don't be discouraged by the lack of reviews. They are a brand new family business and hopefully will be full of reviews soon. My bottle is beautiful (I chose the water color) and a perfect size for cup holders. It came with two different tops, one with a straw and one without. It also came with an extra straw. They send 5% of the proceeds to environmental causes which I love. They also send a little thank you note with your order! I have been drinking cold water out of it all afternoon and it has kept its temperature. Super recommend this company!! "
-- By Don G. Nicholson, Jr. on July 18, 2020 --

"So impressed with these bottles! Much better quality than some of the other brands I have purchased. I was concerned because they were inexpensive and didn't have many reviews. They were in sturdy ♻️ packaging, super easy to clean and fill, a wide enough mouth to stick in ice cubes, sturdy design and easy for our kids to open to drink. The cups came with 2 different tops so that if you didn't want the hard-spout straw option, you could have the regular screw top lid. They each came with 2 straws and it appears to be standard size/shape straw for easy replacement. The only bad thing about these is that when the bottles are full it is uncomfortable to carry to bottle by the small “handle” For your finger. The edges on the handle are not rounded so the weight of the full bottle digs into your finger. That being said, many of the bottles out there do that and it wouldn’t stop me from purchasing these again in the future. I bought these as a “spare” for our kids who are 10/8/6 because they were inexpensive but I plan on going back and buying one for myself because i like them so much! "
-- By Sabrina C on June 17, 2020 --

"High quality materials. I have never seen another water bottle so well made, especially at this price! I love that 2 different tops are included, one with spout and straw, one without. Has been dropped numerous times, no dents or paint chipping. Even my expensive water bottle dents and has paint chips. I honestly would consider these Gold Armour water bottles to be better than my HydroFlask, which I love too. This is very well insulated and keeps things cold all day. After buying one for my 7 year old, I had to get 2 more for 2 of my other kiddos, ages 5 and 2. My 2 year old struggles a little getting it to open all the way. Especially since his is the new one, the spout doesn't open and close quite as easily as our older one. If is is not open all the way, there is not enough vaccuum for the straw to work well. Also if using the spout cover, it will leak if the spout is not closed all the way. My 5 and 7 year old have had no problem with it leaking whatsoever and their water bottles lay in their beds with them all night. Because of it being very high quality, it is on the heavy side. So far,I have only purchased the smaller of the sizes, but I plan on buying a couple of large ones soon. "
-- By S. Harris on April 23, 2020 --

"This bottle water hands down is my favourite. The colours are so vibrant and lovely. I purchased it for my daughter to use as her everyday water bottle for school. She is totally in love with it!Great purchase would recommend to anyone. It keeps her water nice and cool throughout the day. "
-- By Diana on February 16, 2020 --

"I’ve had this bottle for 1 year now and it’s held up great. I love the small size of it, I often use it while traveling in a daypack or purse. I bought a sticker while in Costa Rica, as well as a souvenir from the Don Juan tour and now it’s like I have another souvenir from Costa Rica. Love this bottle, perfect if you’re looking for something smaller. Highly recommend it. "
-- By Vani on December 31, 2019 --

" I have spent over 30 Plus years camping, backpacking, etc.. After looking over MANY of the Tarp options on Amazon, and searching out reviews on YouTube and Hammock forums and because the reviews were good and the pictures of the product showed lots of tie-outs (33 to be exact) and lastly because the price was incredible and that Amazon was the fulfiller? I took a chance on a few of these BIG tarps. Greatly surprised! I have lots of experience with using all sorts of tarps and making due with tie-outs and grommets, during bad rain and wind, etc..etc... So having lots of securing options is what I like. And this tarp gives it to you. The only con I found was that the plastic tie-out loop eyelets were oval shaped instead of rounded and the eyelets did not allow for the supplied aluminum stakes to fit down in them to stake to the ground and they also did not allow MY “particular style” of trekking pole tip-end to pass into eyelet to allow for porch mode setup (your pole-tips might be smaller). HOWEVER, these were NOT show stoppers AT ALL as I just re-adjusted my tie-out rope techniques to attach the trekking pole to the plastic loop to allow for porch mode setup (see pictures). I did the same for the stakes to the ground by using the common practice of quick disconnect with ropes and sticks (see pictures). That said, at 12feet long x 10 feet wide, it fits over ALL hammock lengths. I normally setup my tarps in an "A-frame" style with porch-mode and not the Diamond. In this configuration that leaves 5-6ft (depending on how you lay the tarp on ridge-line…see pictures) on either side to stake down in bad weather.... in a diamond pattern you're looking at 20-24 feet of coverage of ridge-line....LOTS of privacy! Doors can be fashioned and the possibilities are endless with this tarp. Now to the customer service. I noticed a small issue with one of the tarps I bought and emailed the company and they responded within 1 hour with not ONE but TWO refunding options...I was astounded that this level of customer service even existed anymore. I'm IN customer service and this company is all about making it right and the customer happy. The best part? It’s a small family owned USA company. The items don't seem to be (per the plastic package bags they come in) but you don't have to wait months to get an answer & new gear. I could go on and on about the many reasons why this item is worth it, but it would suffice to say that if you are looking for a BIG camping tarp with LOTS of configuration possibilities and with a NO NONSENSE forthright customer service? THIS company is very much worth your time and money spent! "
-- By LAC on September 24, 2019 --

"This is a beautiful water bottle that wouldn't be worth it if it only looked good - but it's awesome too. After filling it 1/2 way with water, I added ice to the top in the morning, then found the ice wasn't completely melted at midnight - incredible! I had to contact the seller & was VERY pleased with the customer service! I highly recommend this excellent product and customer service; such a winning combination! "
-- By Zalea on September 10, 2019 --

"Longlasting and great looking. My husband and I both are impressed with these compared to other outdoor lights we have tried. They last a long time, look great, and give off just the needed amount of light."
-- By Snoozie on September 19, 2018 --

"The best solar flickering lights! My family loves these solar flickering torches. They look just like tiki torches! Very fun! I have ordered many of them!!! They provide a lot of ambiance but if you are looking for bright lighting then these probably would not be what you are looking for but they are a beautiful amount of flickering for a pathway."
-- By SLA on September 18, 2018 --

"Super bright. Very happy with these lanterns. They are lightweight and compact, yet cast a great deal of light. Just what we needed. Will be ordering more."
-- By Turner on September 19, 2018 --

"A HUGE lifesaver during Hurricane Florence. I ordered this product when I first saw Hurricane Florence headed towards our coast. These lanterns come with everything needed to use right away. I quickly put the batteries in and was able to operate right away. We ended up losing power for several days and having these 4 lanters was a life saver. The light's are LED so they are very bright, which is needed at night when it's pitch black. I kept one on constantly through the night for my kids. These were a HUGE blessing to have and I will continue to keep them."
-- By amanda lee on September 19, 2018 --

"Best cup ever! My tumbler was exactly what I expected and arrived on time. I bought this timber for my beach vacation and was surprised that my ice lasted all day on the beach even after replenishing the liquid. Now that I am home this is still my go to cup!!"
-- Amazon Customer September 17, 2018 --

"Awesome value. This is my second one purchased, the teens love them. The colors are trendy. My daughter and her friend carry these everywhere in there backpacks."
-- By gwenied on September 17, 2018 --

"I LOVE this hammock. I've had it for a couple months and was just sitting in here appreciating it... so I figured I'd write a review. It's spacious, durable, and breathable. It supports up to 1000 pounds. My favorite part about this (and a huge game changer compared to other hammocks!!!) are the straps. They're each strap has one loop on one end, and many loops on the other. When hanging the hammock, put the end with lots of loops THROUGH the end with a single loop. Tighten that around the tree. The many loops makes it very adjustable depending on how far apart your trees are. Easy, flexible, and no knots required. Love. I wish I could buy the straps separately for my other hammocks!"
-- By Kelly and Aislinn Eddy on September 16, 2018 --

"Five Stars. Love, love, love this! Just what I wanted without the high price."
-- By Amazon Customer on September 13, 2018 --

"The LED Tactical Flashlight is a very fine piece of equipment. I am a field biologist and have used flashlights for night work since I began work in this field five and one half decades ago. My work has involved the study of amphibians and reptiles in tropical settings, mostly Mexico and Central America. Part of this work is devoted to wandering the environment at night looking for the critters out at this time. So, I have had to use flashlight of several different kinds for a long time. For years, I use 4-cell Maglites, which are relatively large and heavy. So, one immediate advantage of the LED Tactical Flashlight is that it is very light, but also very powerful. I also find the focussing ability of the light useful because I need to have a device that will illuminate the tops of trees in the tropics (well, at least partway up). I also appreciate the fact that the flashlight uses a rechargeable battery as well as 3 AAA batteries. Charging the battery can be done by use of an electrical outlet or an automobile battery, which is pretty much as good as it gets. I just bought this flashlight a few weeks ago and so have not had a chance to put it to real use, but I am sure that it will be just what I need down in the boondocks of Mexico next year. I also appreciate the involvement of the manufacturers of this flashlight in the protection of forests, which, after all, house the little guys on which I work. Thanks very much"
-- By Larry David Wilson on July 24, 2017 --

"Awesome product- especially for the price; very bright, great design design. Have no long term durability data - yet."
-- By C.P. on March 11, 2017 --

"This is a great product. I bought it after a few power outages, and getting tired of looking for a flashlight that you need to hold in your hand. This Lantern, you can hang, you can set on a table. I am looking forward to our camping in the summer, where I will be using them so much. The Light is bright, and you are not missing anything due to no power.. I will get one for my daughter for her trips."
-- By Customer on March 6, 2017 --

"These are the cutest lanterns that illuminate very bright lights. I was really excited to get these. I don't know how many times our power has gone out during storms and we would go around looking for random flashlights and candles. This is the perfect solution. They are compact and easy to carry around. I love how it turns on-you just pull up on the lantern. No more trying to fumble looking around for an on/off button. It comes with 4 lanterns so multiple rooms can be lit at once. These would also be great for our camping trips!"
-- By Edna B on February 13, 2017 --

"I simply love this led camping lantern!! I like how it's simple to use and comes with batteries!! The color was as described looks very nice. What makes it cool you can slide the lantern portion to make it smaller and takes less space and when you do that it turns off than to turn it back on you slide it out. I thought that was very cool and simple!! Also the lantern is very bright. Great product!!! I will be using it in my tent for next camping trip."
-- By Amazon Customer on October 24, 2016 --

"As an avid camper, I can never have enough portable lanterns. This one is great! Nice and compact with a carrying handle and very bright. At this great value, you can get enough for everyone in the family. I would recommend this product."
-- By JMich on October 25, 2016 --

"Purchased as a gift for my mom. Every year snow/icy storms take out the power on her block and she uses candles and flashlights to illuminate the house. This year I wanted her to be better prepared. She was over joyed to receive it and put the batteries it comes with in right away. good thing she did because not 5 min later the house lost power and this lantern came in handy to restore things back to normal. Works like a dream, super bright, and just the right size. My bf and I plan on purchasing one for ourselves now too!"
-- By AW on December 27, 2016 --

"I really like this light. It's bright, lightweight, and well constructed. And it came with batteries! To operate it, you slide it open and closed. The light has a substantial plastic housing and slides open/closed smoothly. It will be great for camping or having as an emergency light during power outages."
-- By Klassi1 on October 25, 2016 --

"I really like these lanterns, I purchased the 4 pack in black. When I received them I unboxed all 4 to test them out and all 4 worked flawlessly. Nice and bright in a small compact size. I'll be keeping 1 in my condo in case the power goes out and 1 in the car in case of an emergency. I'll be giving the remaining 2 to my girlfriend 1 for her apartment and 1 for her car. They even include 3 AA batteries for each lantern (12 batteries total for all 4 lanterns), which is really nice considering a 12 pack of batteries would cost almost as much as what I paid for the lanterns and the included batteries. My girlfriend wants to go camping up in the mountains next summer so we'll deffentally be taking a couple of these along with us."
-- By westco10 on December 21, 2016 --